Wine Glass Charms - Gummy Bears

Wine Glass Charms - Gummy Bears

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Add these charms to your glass so you don't accidentally drink someone else's drink.

Can also be used as stitch markers or as mismatched hoop earrings.


-Stock Item 

-Set of 6

-Stainless Steel Hoops

-Made with Polymer Clay 

-Lightweight - each charm weighs 1 grams

-Size - 1.4-1.5cm




  • In stock items will be shipped in 1-3 days. 
  • Made to order items will have a 1-3 week wait while they are made.
  • All items will be shipped together, so if there is one 'Stock' and one 'Made To Order' they will be shipped together once all are finished. 
  • Due to the nature of handmade polymer clay earrings each pair is unique and slightly different. Therefore may not look exactly like the picture. Colours may also appear slightly different due to differences in computer/phone screens.